Saturday, 27 August 2016

How to use Grammar Checkers to Improve your Blog or Article

What is a grammar checker?

If you have a basic grasp of English, then this is an online tool that you can use to see if there are mistakes in your blog, essay or article. Used with care, these can greatly improve what you write and they will help you improve your writing skills.

Grammar checkers are not a human replacement

An online grammar checking tool will not take the place of a human editor who can read your writing in context. Use it a way to discover common mistakes and save time on copy editing. However, be careful. Consider every correction before you delete it. Stilted, wooden text that is a slave to the rules taught in a classroom is not good reading. 

Every tool is different

Every Grammar Check tool available is different. They have varying strengths and weaknesses. Take a short article and put it through several programs. Make notes and you will spend less time making corrections on your articles next time as you identify common mistakes you make.

Where to find grammar checkers online

I have only included those you can use for free, even if a Premium version is available.


Use Hemingway to remove complex sentences. Get rid of excessive adverbs and make your writing easy to read. You can write an article or story directly into the Hemmingway editor and some writers find this useful.


Editminion is fun. Paste your text into the editor. and "strunk" (whatever that is) when you press the edit button. It is easy to turn each feature on and off so that you can concentrate on one aspect of your writing.


Here is a tip. Install the free add-on for Grammarly in your web browser. You then have two checks working for you at the same time as it works inside the Online editors for other Grammar Checks. A useful free weekly email will tell you of frequent mistakes you make if you have a (free) account and it saves all the articles and stories you submit. This is useful if you forget to back your article up elsewhere.


Paperrater is better for academic work. Nice if you want to boost your confidence as it gives a projected grade.


Use AftertheDeadline Online or install this as an add-on in your web browser or Libre Office. It might pick up something the other checks miss.


ProWritingAid gives a detailed analysis of your writing. I spend whole mornings learning how to perfect my articles on their website. Use the free version if you can’t afford the premium.


Autocrit helps fiction writers. Work with the free version to remove the words real-life editors hate to see. Then use it to examine your pacing.


SmartEdit is no longer freeware, which is a shame. Try the free ten-day download. It only works with Windows so Mac Users and those on a Linux Operating System need to look elsewhere.


SlickWriter works as a Libre Office add-on. It will work with Linux and Mac OS. A useful tool to have at your disposal.

Gregory’s Writing Site

Gregory’s is a useful Site run by Swedish lecturer who teaches English. It has a useful punctuation checker and good information for those who need to learn English Grammar.