Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Write a Great Blog Post

Your blog post is a reflection of you

Wherever you place your blog you want it to be great. Of course you do. After all, what you write is a reflection of who you are. Poor grammar and punctuation together with sloppy writing let you down. Let's explore the characteristics of a great blog post.

Grammar and punctuation matter

To write a good post, you need to accept that grammar and punctuation matter. You may think it is cute to use a small letter where a capital is needed, but this screams that you don't care about your readers. At least try to remember what they taught you at school. That is, sentences start with a capital letter and end with a full stop. I is always a capital.

Make the post an appropriate length

More than 600 words will help the search engines find you. However, six hundred words of drivel will not help anybody.

On the other hand, a few meaningless sentences will stop your readers returning no matter how wonderful your SEO skills are. Your aim should be to make your readers return as they are convinced you have something to say.

If you can't write well, keep things short

Start with 100 words and work up as your writing skills improve. Don't  add words for the sake of it. Short, well written posts will always look better to a reader than those that are rambling and poorly written.

Titles are easy

Write a short title that tells us what you are going to write about. Keep it short. Write it correctly so your readers think you know what you are doing.  Begin with a capital and end the Last word with a capital.

The title rule

It does not always work, but a rule to follow that helps is to give every word of four letters or over a capital at the start.

<strong>Titles are Easy</strong>

<strong>Writing Titles is Easy</strong>

<strong>Easy Title Writing for You</strong>

Here is a link to an article on <a href="http://grammar.yourdictionary.com/capitalization/rules-for-capitalization-in-titles.htmlhttp://">how to write titles </a>

Spending time reading that article and thinking about how you write may also improve your school or college marks as well!

Be Relevant

Keep asking yourself if what you are writing is relevant to the title. Use White

Use Space

It is really hard to read an article that is not broken up with a nice amount of white space between paragraphs. Leave a margin around your blog or article and make use of paragraphs.

Paragraphs are important

Make each paragraph within your headings no more that 3-5 sentences long. Each paragraph should contain only one point. A great blog post is easy to follow.

Spell correctly

Everyone I know, English or not, has trouble with spelling. It might seem fun not to bother, but bad spelling makes you look ignorant. Make sure you have the correct English for your context. "There" is not the same as "their," for example.

 Use a plagiarism check

It is always worth checking you have not accidentally included someone else's words. Sometimes we do this by accident. I once got half way through a poem I was writing and realised I was recreating something someone else had written.

Never ever copy and past someone else's blog of article. It is stealing. Also, Google likes original content and you want to get into the search engines,

Add a picture

An original picture or illustrations adds interest to what you write.

Finally read out loud

Read your work back out loud. Does what you have written make sense?

Ask yourself

Look at what you are about to post. Ask yourself if you were a reader, would you say, "this is a great blog post?"