Thursday, 20 November 2014

Beware you online writers

You are not being paid to write

All these online sites where you are paid to write use advertising. That is how they get their revenue.  None of them actually pay anyone for writing at all.

It is views of the webpage that count

No matter how good or bad you are at writing, the end result will be the same. You will get paid because you got views. With each and every view comes some sort of advertising.

Advertisers want views

Now, think about it. Advertisers want views, not of your article, but of the advert for the product they are selling and they want you to see it over and over again so that when you need what it is they have to offer or sell, you think of them. They only need a place to get people to to look at the advert.

Google cannot read

As long as Google likes it and you managed some basic SEO then really, you could write about anything and badly and still earn.

Let's recap

Writers think they are getting their writing seen,  so they are happy to create pages not realising the pages are really for the benefit of the advertisers. The advertisers are happy to pay the website owners. Someone is getting paid, but not you for your online writing. You are paid because an advert appears alongside what you wrote.

So why would we bother

Some of us may be happy, as at least our writing gets seen, Other people on a site may read what we wrote, but why should you be profiting the website owners without having a decent cut of that revenue?

My eyes were opened when I realised that an article of mine had thousands of views, but had made less than a single dollar.

The answer?

Sites that pay you to post your blogs are good for making friends, but a blog you own with its own following is superior in all ways. Whatever we do, we should all aim for that,

Beware you online writers and make sure you too get a cut of the profits!