Friday, 13 February 2015

Get Paid to Write Blogs and Articles

What is a "Paid to Write" site?

This blog talks about places you can write and earn something for doing so. Generally, they are called "Paid to Write" sites. None of them will earn you a fortune, however you may get a small addition to your monthly income. The advantage is that you get to choose your own subject matter and write what you want. As sites where you get paid to write come and go quickly, this page will be updated from time to time.

What do I write?

Blog posts or articles of your own creation. There is often a minimum word count.

Will I get paid?

I cannot guarantee any place will pay you. For that reason, I recommend you cash out the moment you reach a minimum payment. These sites come and go fast. They can be good, but none will make your fortune.

Do I need to be a great writer?

No you do not.

The standard of writing on each site varies. You will need to decide for yourself where you wish to write. Most sites are blog sites and many writers have limited English.

This is good, but if you are a serious writer then you need to be discerning as to where you write and share your blogs and articles.

How do I get people to read my work?

If you work at it, you can create your own network of people who write to your standard by interacting with those people. Interaction is key on all these sites, so it is worth spending time making friendships and commenting on what others write.

In addition to this you can share posts onto social networks you are on. Do this for yourself and other people you enjoy reading.

Make friends who will follow you to other sites. That way you will still be reading each other if your blogging or writing site of choice fails.

Active places where you can get paid to write a blog post or article 7/4/2017

Please feel free to add to this list by commenting on this blog. Sites come and go at a fast rate.

Writedge requires you to use adsense
LiteracyBase is paying
Tuetego is a new kid on the block and quite interesting. However I find the site hard to negotiate.
Niume ia another fairly new site. It is good, but there are reports of people finding it hard to reach the earning threshold.

Persona Paper no longer pays. It may do so eventually
Blogjob still exists, but again the payments are suspended.

MyLot is not the best place for an article, but if you just like to write and chat it is good.

Doing it all by yourself

You can, of course, do as I am doing here and write and publish your own posts on Blogger or set up a Wordpress blog. However that means missing out on a sense of community and making friends.

Writing sites that are now extinct

Bubblews ripped people off and disappeared.
Triond has now gone
Wikinut has now gone
Mykites is currently giving an error 404 message so may no longer exist
EliteVisitors seems to have gone
Milk the Blog has gone
CPG Gallery proved another rip off sit
PostanyArticle has gone
Squidoo migrated into Hubpages long ago

Always check out terms and conditions

Finally, wherever you write make sure that you check out the terms and conditions of the site so that you don't breach them. Paid to Write Sites often say they can stop paying at any time and may want to take your copyright for both the written word and pictures you use. If you want to be paid to write as a professional writer then these sites are not the best place for you.