Thursday, 30 October 2014

Procrastination and Confidence are the Thief of any Writer

A procrastinating perfectionist

I have a big fault. I procrastinate. I also have a bigger fault than that. I am a perfectionist. These two things are  my enemy when I write. Procrastination and lack of confidence are the thief of any writer. However it is not writing itself that is my problem.

Editing is my problem

Words flow easily. I do not have a problem with words. My laptop is full of books and chapters of books and articles. It is getting them into an edited state and formatted correctly that is the thing I put off time and time again. My perfectionism works against me. I lack the confidence to believe my writing is ready to be seen.

I am imperfect

I write, I think of publishing and then I wait. I am sure my article is imperfect. That's why I leave the writing to stagnate inside a document on my laptop and hide away in  day dreams. I dream of being a great writer, I cannot be unless I actually get my work out  into the world.

Just like every other writer

I realise every time I pick up a book in a bookshop that even established publishers cannot get every part of a book perfect. So why should I hold back? It is better to publish and be dammed surely, than never to publish at all. It is time I lost my attitude.


Yet here I am, today was "the day," to finish and publish an e book, but I am not satisfied yet. I will just rewrite, reformat, leave it a while and have a cup of tea.

One day I will be famous, but not if I keep the attitude towards my writing It is time to be published an probably not dammed after all.