Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Hands on writing by doing

I think learning to be a write will be enhanced if we are aware of how we learn. I can tell you about my writing learning curve.

 Forget what they said at school

I was not that interested at school although good at English. I got told what to do and how to do it. For me that does not work. I need to do it in order to learn

What I tell new writers. 

My one recommendation to new writers is they forget all the failures of school. Often such lack of self confidence has been given that the person has no idea they can write.


My own approach to learning

My approach to learning how to write a book was not to learn how to use my word processor and then go from there. I had to actually start typing and think of a title. I can only learn by doing.

As I typed I had to find things out and try them out, like how to do the pages and so on. It all took time. However, as I learned each separate step it became a part of me. I had researched things and then practiced them and learned by trial and error.

Writing a book after going on some course that told me what to do would have been interesting but probably not have worked in terms of learning.

Education often needs to be hands on

I do know as I have also studied education, that practical, hands on trial and error with information is often the best kind of way to learn and of course, the Internet with its wealth of information is very helpful for that.