Wednesday, 14 June 2017

How to Write an Article on Renovating grotty plastic garden chairs for cheap way

This is an example of how to write an article on how to write and article on renovation garden chairs.

Make some free visuals of your garden furniture

The great thing is you can get easy visuals by using Youtube, your own camera or even go online and find something free (check copyright issues,) there.

Keep it short so people can spend time enjoying their garden

People want quick information and giving them something to watch helps. Now for what I did to renovate garden chairs.

How I renovated the chairs

I cleaned them with toothpaste and then rubbed them with olive oil. That's it, folks. You can see the result in the video.

Don't forget to rub the oil off

Make sure you rub the excess oil off before anyone sits down and gets oil on their clothes.

I did the renovation for free

This project cost me nothing. My garden chairs are renovated and good to go. Restoring grotty plastic garden chairs is easy to do and will save you money.

The SEO of garden chairs

Google likes pictures and hates keyword stuffing. I hope I have got this right. It seems to work with using the title in the first sentence, the middle and the end. Let's see how it pans out with the views. My article on renovating grotty garden chairs is good to go.